Contrasting characters

Troublesome kid and grandpa

Sketch of Tim, who loves playing sports especially soccer!


Walk and run

Walk and run assignment; stumpy wizard gramps
and hyper annoying grandchild
I still like working at the light table
I wish I had more time to fix the hair and clean this up

This year is too hectic to not do half assed works...


Sketchbook II

Sketchbook character junk
Playing with shapes and trying to be more stylized

And something on PS, did a more sketchy look

Exterior painting

Sorry Mike Hitchcock for handing this super duper late

You're always a pain to use

And bonus sketch of Tim, chibi-fied!

2nd year updates

Storyboard assignment

Beats for 'My Father'

  Beats for 'The Leader'

Leader storyboards

The death of 3 bugs. Also the death of me becoming more sleep
deprived than ever