Portfolio + GFP

Learned tonnes of new things about fundamentals and softwares. 
Had the chance to work with really talented people 
and take on big responsibilities.

Some pages of stuff I worked on.
Was a stressful but good year, hope to always keep 
working hard and improve more!

For pitch package, a story about frogs

Group film of a hyperactive monkey and a Thai kid monk
that needs to loosen up a little.
Colour script of monkeys and even more monkeys

The only remains for animations I have
are a few scenes in progress and they're not HD

Also, here's my action analysis animation. 
Little girl on a diving board but a "clearly-can-tell
-half-assed" background pls ignore ;_; 
Diving action and water fx


I also had an opportunity to intern as artist/designer for concept art and in game assets for gaming during coop. Other than that,
I got more insights of the video game industry and the bonus addition; Japan culture.
It was a great experience to work with a nice group of game devs 
Tired from travelling to and back from work and met really fun people ~ 
End of school life and starting of working life
are drawing closer! Keep on animating and working hard !!!


Painting + Project

Thanks Tim for your guidance in this piece
Gotta keep practicing
Working on a personal project/book that's aimed
for self improvement and story development


Some colour key studies from The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. 
A really nice film to watch with a great playlist

Sleep less and paint all day



Update on a few works done last semester in character class

Expressions of a male and female character

Doodled Tim's leica reel characters; Ralf and Jim. Birds at war!


Leica Reel

Second assignment for storyboard assignment
Witch doctor salon in the city

Sorry for the crappy brightness in the reel, some panels became way too light in this
and the lighting kinda made my eyes hurt D:

And the break is finally here! Looking forward to visiting Calgary!


Contrasting characters

Troublesome kid and grandpa

Sketch of Tim, who loves playing sports especially soccer!


Walk and run

Walk and run assignment; stumpy wizard gramps
and hyper annoying grandchild
I still like working at the light table
I wish I had more time to fix the hair and clean this up

This year is too hectic to not do half assed works...


Sketchbook II

Sketchbook character junk
Playing with shapes and trying to be more stylized

And something on PS, did a more sketchy look

Exterior painting

Sorry Mike Hitchcock for handing this super duper late

You're always a pain to use

And bonus sketch of Tim, chibi-fied!