Portfolio + GFP

Learned tonnes of new things about fundamentals and softwares. 
Had the chance to work with really talented people 
and take on big responsibilities.

Some pages of stuff I worked on.
Was a stressful but good year, hope to always keep 
working hard and improve more!

For pitch package, a story about frogs

Group film of a hyperactive monkey and a Thai kid monk
that needs to loosen up a little.
Colour script of monkeys and even more monkeys

The only remains for animations I have
are a few scenes in progress and they're not HD

Also, here's my action analysis animation. 
Little girl on a diving board but a "clearly-can-tell
-half-assed" background pls ignore ;_; 
Diving action and water fx


I also had an opportunity to intern as artist/designer for concept art and in game assets for gaming during coop. Other than that,
I got more insights of the video game industry and the bonus addition; Japan culture.
It was a great experience to work with a nice group of game devs 
Tired from travelling to and back from work and met really fun people ~ 
End of school life and starting of working life
are drawing closer! Keep on animating and working hard !!!

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